“Warriors On a Red World” is a Numenera campaign that takes place on a Mars colony thousands of years in the future. Mankind had learned to master the forces of the universe, creating incredible feats of science. Having mastered Earth, mankind sought to claim another home, creating a self-sustaining bio-dome on the surface of Mars. Culture flourished within this new colony and things were good. Then, suddenly, the Earth was destroyed. It was unclear to the colonists what exactly caused it, but the Earth was torn apart and left in pieces by an event of terrible power.

While the biodome may be self-sustaining, the same can’t be said of the human spirit. Hope was lost and the colony experienced a societal breakdown. Chaos reigned for centuries, with factions forming and dispersing every few years.

It’s been hundreds of years since the Earth was destroyed. Society has reverted to a curious mixture of 11th century and 36th century levels of scientific knowledge and technological understanding. Mages, warlocks, witches and wizards seek out the arcane secrets of the artifacts within the dome. Fledgling nations vie with one another for the domes’ limited territory. Common folk simply attempt to make a living in the remnants of the old world.

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Numenera: Warriors On A Red World

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