Numenera: Warriors On A Red World

Taking a Talking Piece
In which our heroes relieve a noble of his pride and joy.

Dramatis Personae
Zax, played by Alvin
Tony, played by Jim
Kaz, played by Lawren

An unidentified cypher, unidentified flying drone, 120 shins (divided amongst the group)

The party successfully stole the data storage device from Lord Drywsone's manor. 2 XP
The party copied the data and read the maps it contained. 1 XP

NPC Relationships
Lord Drywsone doesn't know who stole from him, but there's no doubt that he'll be searching furiously for who did it.

Mama Ama is happy the job got done but isn't pleased that the outside hire ended up doing all the work AND alerting the estate's guards.

Highlights Recap

December 3517 C.E.

The session began with Alvin, Jim, and Lawren introducing themselves to each other, and Jim meeting the rest of the Alibaba Express' members: Thabit, the group's getaway driver and forgery artist, Hildeth, the group's muscle, and ???, Lawren's sister, who mostly just helps around the wagon with small tasks. The group then briefed themselves on the upcoming job; they were to steal a data storage device from the private study of Lord Drywsone , which was within his estate outside of Glavis, Ancuan. Rumour had it that his study was guarded by an Old World golem.

Alvin and Jim decided that they'd enter the estate dressed as servants. In the morning, the party entered the market to buy some servant-like clothes and have Thabit sew on the Lord's insignia (matching the other servants' clothes). At noon, as a handful of servants were returning to the estate with supplies, the Alvin and Jim entered with the group, suffering only mild questioning. Alvin, dressed as a gardener, went towards the orchard while he chatted with a couple other servants. He found out where the guard barracks were and then made his excuses, heading into the manor where he subsequently pretended to be a chimney sweep for several hours until nightfall. Jim went straight towards the manor where he inconspicuously made his way to the wing which probably had the target. He descended into the basement and decided to hide in a storage room for several hours to wait for the others.

Growing bored with staring at dusty furniture and glassware for hours on end, Jim left the storage room to investigate the only other door he'd seen in the basement. Finding it's lock beyond his ability to pick, he decided to simply remove the entire door, enter the room, then put the door back. After doing this, Jim found himself in a large foyer leading into several other rooms: an alchemy lab, an Old World scrap storage room, and hallway leading to three other rooms. Finding little except some alchemical equipment worth a few shins, he went to investigate the hallway. Immediately after stepping through an archway in the hallway, a small sphere shot out of a cabinet to intercept Jim. Having heard its activation, he quickly activated his portation module, applying it to one of his knives, and threw it in the drone's direction. The knife missed, hitting a cabinet which was teleported onto the roof of the manor, presumably alerting a guard that something was amiss. The sphere flew at Jim, who ducked out of the way and sprinted across the hallway to retrieve his dagger and strike at the sphere as it dove once more. He struck true and teleported the sphere into the basement foyer, and he then decided to expedite picking the lock on a nearby door by simply stabbing it. Luckily, the door was considered teleport-able by the portation module and landed in the basement foyer directly on top of the sphere. After dealing with finishing off the sphere, Jim explored the last three rooms: a bathroom, a small bedroom, and the Lord's private study. Seeing a  display case on one end of the room, Jim smashed it open and retrieved its contents: a snowglobe, a crystal figurine, and a small data storage device. Having found the target, Jim stabbed himself with his knife (still mounted with the portation module). He appeared in the manor's kitchen pantry and promptly left the manor. He then attempted to leave through the front gate, but when the guard present stopped him, he abandoned that plan and simply climbed the wall. Having escaped the estate, Jim checked in with the group staying in the wagon and then went to lay low in the city.

As night fell, Lawren made his way onto the estate and towards the manor from the western side. Avoiding patrolling guards, Lawren climbed an ivy-laden wall of the manor onto the roof where he searched for Alvin's chimney. After a failed first guess, Lawren found the correct chimney and descended into the manor, dirty but none the worse for wear. The two snuck into the basement and Lawren successfully picked the lock on the recently uninstalled and reinstalled door. Finding a curious situation with a door in the center of the basement foyer and the smashed display case. Regardless, the thoroughly searched the study, finding several instances of possible intel, a small piece of technology, and a ballpoint pen. With the estate guards now on high alert for suspicious activity, the pair carefully left the basement and manor, and instead of tempting fate with the front gate, chose to leave the same way Lawren had entered by climbing the western wall.

Alvin and Lawren met up with their wagon, and in the morning went to find Jim, who still had the target on him. After some pay negotiations and a quick copy of the data, the storage device was dropped off and payment was received. Later, a thorough investigation of the data revealed it to contain maps for a (possibly Old World) city somewhere in the Dome, surrounded by mountains. With some vague ideas as to where the city might be, the session ended.

Retrieving the Nav-Chip
In which our heroes revisit old ruins and start a protection racket.

Dramatis Personae
Aleksander Khan, played by Jim
Archibald, played by Fernando
Hisao Ichiro, played by Lawren
Primarch Empyrean, played by Jeremy

Mickel Valeryevich seems content waiting in Jutte with Ryze and the rest of the half-bloods. (Loyalty 5/10)
Inesis Kirrilovsky decided to try to take his mind off of the situation and just wander the village market with Kajet. (Loyalty 2/10)
Kajet Zhakaro has resolved to make some money for herself by selling small game that she's shot. (Loyalty 4/10)
Jerzy Nikitovich is a bit upset that he has to stay in this shitty village full of peasants. (Loyalty 2/10)

Most of the loot from this session came in the form of credits that were swindled out of various groups. Frankly, the arrangement was too complicated to remember after the fact, so we'll work it out better next session.

-Aleksander set up a protection racket with the two groups at the Temple of the Vortex. 1 XP
-The party retrieved a number of artifacts from the pool of transparent gel. 1 XP

NPC Relationships
The students from the College of Fixers are delighted to have access to the Nav-Chip, even if it's only for a few months.

The priests of The Truth were thankful for the party's assistance, as well as their offers of protection. However, they seem a bit suspicious of the party's intentions with the Nav-Chip.

Highlights Recap

October 3517 C.E.

The session started with the resolution of some matters leftover from the previous session's downtime activities.

Archibald investigated a rumour he'd overheard while volunteering at Charmonde's temple of the Truth. Accompanied by Aleksander and the Primarch, he interrogated a shady looking mercenary that was harassing priests leaving the temple. After some "persuasion" it was found that the mercenary intended to bully the priests into giving him the location of something called a "Nav-Chip". The priests apparently found the artifact on a recent expedition, and the mercenary's employers wanted it for their own purposes. Finished with the mercenary, the party briefly informed the temple priests of what they'd found out.

Unsatisfied with their current goals, the party met with the mercenary company's liaison in Charmonde, Serpentine Snake. Snake (emerging from a cardboard box) sifted through a couple jobs available nearby, noting one involving the retrieval of a Nav-Chip for some third party organization. Their interest thoroughly piqued, the party accepted the job and went back to the temple of the Order of the Truth as they would probably know more about what this was all about. After some investigation and dead-end conversations with priests in the temple, the party decided to speak with the head priestess about the Nav-Chip. While she was initially evasive, the Primarch convinced the priestess to give the location of the Nav-Chip as well as what she knew about it (which was very little). The Nav-Chip had been recovered from a broken down set of ruins near the Black Riage and then taken to a different dig site south-east of Charmonde in the Dark Hills. Thinking back to their job from a few months prior, Aleksander and Hisao correctly surmised that the location of the Nav-Chip was in the previously raided Temple of the Vortex.

After passing through the Black Hills with a caravan, the party stayed in Haetrope briefly to ask the residents about any unusual people who may have headed towards the nearby ruins. It was found that two groups of people had passed through the village: a procession of priests laden with equipment and holy artifacts, and a number of students from the College of Fixers also laden with equipment. The party thanked the villagers and had their followers stay in the village to keep an eye on anyone else who may be passing through.

Coming up to the ruins, the party found the previously mentioned group of students from the College of Fixers, convincing them to pay money in exchange for protection from another group of mercenaries who were making their way over to the ruins. Their trust gained, the students then showed the party how the main entrance elevator had been sabotaged by the priests of the Truth when the two groups vied for rights to the artifacts within the ruins. The party pointed out the existence of the maintenance elevator nearby, embarrassing the students. Entering the ruins, the party made their way to the central chamber where the priests were found. After a brief standoff, the priests were convinced of the party's peaceful intentions and of the danger presented by the mercenaries making their way to the ruins. Once the priests agreed to vacate the ruins, the party also asked about the Nav-Chip and if they could have it. Though initially suspicious, the priests agreed to give the party the artifact on the condition that the party helped clear out one of the nearby rooms of possible artifacts so that the expedition wouldn't come back home empty-handed.

The party made their way to the indicated room, navigating through the winding passages of the ruined installation. While some mildly interesting objects were found on the periphery of the room (mainly components from computer consoles and lab equipment), the center of the room held something far more interesting: a large rectangular pool filled with a transparent gelatinous substance with several objects of interest floating near the bottom. It was immediately found that the gel sucked in and preserved anything that touched it, so the party made and put into motion a plan to retrieve the objects via a rope anchored with metal plates and telekinesis. While initially successful, the plan quickly went south when everyone pulling on the rope fell to the ground as it was violently sucked into the pool. The Primarch almost fell in, but ultimately the party succeeded in saving him and pulling out the objects.

Their assigned task completed, the party led the priests out of the ruins through the recently repaired main elevator. As the priests were about to leave the area, the very frustrated college students confronted them about who exactly had the legal claim to the discoveries made in the ruined installation. The party acted as mediators between the two groups and ultimately convinced them to stand down. An offer was given to the college students to allow them to study the Nav-Chip in exchange for making a fake Nav-Chip and some credits.

As the party began formulating a battle plan and waiting for their foes to arrive, the session ended in Media Res.

Aiding The Rebellion Of Bodrov Pt. 2
In which our heroes briefly clean up and save Gundams from a tree house.

Dramatis Personae
Aleksander Khan, played by Jim
Archibald, played by Fernando
Hisao Ichiro, played by Lawren
Primarch Empyrean, played by Jeremy
Ryze McGuinness, played by Alvin

Mickel Valeryevich is happy that the Primarch is not just keeping his promise but providing training and new equipment. (Loyalty 5/10 [ +2 ] )
Inesis Kirrilovsky is home sick and is still freaking out a bit. (Loyalty 2/10 [ +0 ] )
Kajet Zhakaro feels pretty safe travelling with the Primarch, and likes the new mounts. (Loyalty 4/10 [ +1 ] )
Jerzy Nikitovich still isn't okay with betraying Lord Evanov but at least appreciates the new armour. (Loyalty 2/10 [ +1 ] )

You guys mostly got a lot of incidental stuff and payment for jobs. Let me know if I missed anything important.
-30 (150 / 5) credits as payment for the Bodrov rebellion job
-20 (80 / 4) credits and 20 credits-worth of flour as payment for recovering the raided caravan's Aneen and the three statuettes/Gundams

Not a lot of XP from this session. The next few should pick up the pace with more discoveries and more GM intrusions.
-The party wrapped up their business in Bodrov, completing their assignment job satisfactorily. +1 XP
-The party found the cause of the missing caravan. +1 XP

NPC Relationships
The [[Bodrov Revolutionary Forces]] are pleased with the expedient capture of Bodrov. Though they're still a bit irked by the property damage, they're more or less fine with the civilian casualties since they're pretty sure those were the Lord Evanov's fault anyways.

Primarch Orstarva is satisfied with another smooth operation done well. He will be returning back to his HQ with the Snowstorms chapter of the Sandstorm Legion. He's finished this favour for Primarch Empyrean, but may ask Empyrean to return it at a later date.

Lord Evanov has escaped (ableit narrowly) with his life, and was last seen heading eastwards to the coast of the Inman Sea. He will not forget this defeat at the hands of the Bodrov Revolutionary Forces, nor the part the Sandstorm Legion played.

Gorgnak "The Equalizer" was satisfied with the party's ability to get the mission done efficiently. He's starting to respect the party somewhat.

Bongo Joes observes.

Highlights Recap

July 3517 C.E.

The session opened on Hisao (Hasao? Hanzo? Hyundai? Huckleberry? Inuyasha? Sephiroth? Metal Gear?)  leading a trio of rebels into a small building. Inside were three Lordsmen and two hostages. After some intimidation, two of the Lordsmen were cowed into fleeing, and the last attempted to kill his hostage. Hisao reacted with an interposed shield and a flying fist of fury, incapacitating the Lordsman (and the hostage, incidentally).

Outside, Primarch Empyrean recovered from crushing a grown man under the weight of his armour and went to confer with Primarch Orstarva (leaving his followers outside of the blizzard bubble of death). It was found that while some pockets of Lordsmen still existed within the city, most had been driven out of the eastern gate and Lord Evanov had fled with his retinue eastwards.

In rebel controlled territory, Ryze had just finished getting his arm treated when Aleksander arrived to assist the party in their job, introducing himself to Archibald. As the fighting died down, the party decided to make their way to the decimated parts of the city once the fighting had died down so that they could help clean everything up while Ryze recovered from his injuries. Due to the severity of the damage, not much of a dent was put in by the party, but the residents of Bodrov appreciated the gesture regardless.

After visiting the rebel leader briefly the party made their way back south to Lex where they reported the completion of their job. On the way, they made a mental note to spend some downtime in Charmonde in the future. While Hank wasn't particularly enthused with the party's approach, Grognak fucking loved it and decided to himself that the party is pretty cool. The job board was visited to get an idea of possible jobs on the way to or near Charmonde, noting a couple of the more doable ones.

The party left Lex to investigate a missing caravan (and its valuable payload) which was headed for Charmonde a month ago, quickly finding the location of its goods (mostly rations and other uninteresting items) and the Aneen (almost two dozen) used to pull the caravan a short distance away from the road. Trekking through the surrounding woods, the party found and interrogated (see: gratuitously murdered) several bandits regarding the location of the caravan's more valuable items. After some fiery hugs and cookie-based teleportation, the party acquired the items they'd been sent to find: three metal Gundam figurines. The figurines and half of the Aneen were quickly returned to their proper owners, while the other half of the Aneen were kept to serve as mounts.

The other notable job the party had found was briefly investigated, abandoning it after being turned away. With nothing else particularly important to do, the party decided to take some much-needed rest, choosing to "vacation" in the Navarene capital city of Charmonde for a couple of months (two Haven turns).

August-September 3517 C.E.

Aleksander spent two months of downtime improving his ability to read people's emotions and intentions.
Month 1: Training in Insight (rolled 8). Failure! 0/3 progress.
Month 2: Training in Insight (rolled 18). Success! 1/3 progress.

Archibald spent two months of downtime volunteering, choosing to work with the Order of the Truth.
Month 1: Volunteering (rolled 6). Rumours overheard!
Month 2: Volunteering (rolled 3). No significant effect!

Hisao left Charmonde to spend time with his people (is that a racial thing?). He spent two months of downtime improving his riding ability, choosing to use his newfound Aneen mount (doesn't yet count as a mount under his focus, and retains baseline Aneen statistics).
Month 1: Training in Riding (rolled 9). Success! 1/3 progress.
Month 2: Training in Riding (rolled 14). Success! 2/3 progress.

Primarch Empyrean spent his two months of downtime improving the loyalty of his followers, choosing to teach them the tenets and mandate of the Sandstorm Legion.
Month 1: Drilled Followers (rolled 16, 5, 12, 12). 3 of 4 follower bonds improved!
Month 2: Drilled Followers (rolled 19, 6, 10, 4). 1 of 4 follower bonds improved!

Ryze spent the first month of downtime recovering from his injuries while sketching out possible designs for more heat-resistant armour. He spent the second month training in weapon smithing.
Month 1: Lingering injuries recovered. Ryze's right hand is permanently wounded due to severe burns. All tasks involving his right hand have their difficulty increased by 1 step. Crafting Heat-Resistant Armour (rolled 20). Critical success! 2/5 progress.
Month 2: Training in Weapon Smithing (rolled 2). Failure! 0/3 progress.

Aiding The Rebellion Of Bodrov Pt. 1
In which our heroes extract an heir and delete a castle.

Dramatis Personae
Hisao Ichiro, played by Lawren
Ryze McGuinness, played by Alvin
Primarch Empyrean, played by Jeremy
Archibald, played by Fernando

Mickel Valeryevich is pretty glad the Primarch has kept his promise for now. (Loyalty 3/10)
Inesis Kirrilovsky is freaked out by everything that's going on here. (Loyalty 2/10)
Kajet Zhakaro is just pretty happy she wasn't murdered. (Loyalty 3/10)
Jerzy Nikitovich thinks it's bullshit that he has to just follow the Primarch around now. (Loyalty 1/10)

You guys really got a load of stuff this session. Like, wow.
-A luger pistol with a clip of 9 bullets (1 of which was fired during the session)
-A Molotov cocktail
-Several cult of the Vortex weapons (mostly shivs and a scimitar)
-A cypher (intellipick) and two oddities from a lockbox in the cult leader's room
-A gift from Lord Edbrum, which was a steel and silver box containing a forearm missile launcher
-25 (75 / 3) credits paid to Aleksander, Hisao, and Ryze
-Four dark grey cloaks that can fit over armour
-Several weapons from the Bodrov supply depot

The party returned Evanna Edbrum to her father in Ledon. +1 XP
The party found and extracted Baron Ivanovsky's son from Bodrov. +1 XP
Primarch Empyrean found and rallied the Snowstorm Legion. +1 XP

NPC Relationships
Lord Umquat Edbrum  and Evanna Edbrum are overjoyed to be together again in Ledon. Lord Edbrum will not forget the great deed that the mercenary company has done for him.
The remaining members of the Cult of the Vortex have been imprisoned and will likely be put to death for the crimes they've committed against the citizens of Ghan.
Bobby Ivanovksy is glad he didn't end up dying in the crossfire of the rebellion.
Primarch Ortstarva has come to respect Primarch Empyrean for their tactical planning and understanding of the Legion's code of honour.
Lord Evanov is seething with rage over his emasculating defeat at the hands of the Bodrov revolutionary forces and the Sandstorm Legion.

Highlights Recap

July 3517 C.E.

The party (Aleksander, Hisao, and Ryze) quickly tied up the surviving members of the cult of the Vortex, then took care to salvage what loot they could from the cultist's bodies and the surrounding rooms. After cleaning out the temple, the party spent some time looking for a means of egress from the temple, eventually finding a secondary elevator leaving to the surface. Hisao and Ryze suddenly realized that Aleksander and Evanna existed, and quickly went back to retrieve the two, then left the temple once more. After travelling back to Ledon and returning Evanna Edbrum to her father, the party returned to Lex for some much-needed payment and rest. At this point, Aleksander left the party to "do stuff".

Hisao and Ryze were then introduced to Archibald and Primarch Empyrean. The group mingled briefly, then saw Hank "the Tank" Moores about their new assignment. They were to go to Bodrov and aid the rebellion in the city by minimizing civilian casualties wherever they could. The party accepted and went northwards to Bodrov, which was in the rich alpine nation of Navarene.

The party, after verifying their identity with the local rebels, entered Bodrov (by crawling through a hole in the wall) to meet with the rebel leader. The leader went on to describe the current situation in the city: the Lordsmen and the rebels were at a standoff, with occasional skirmishes occurring between both forces over the cities western bridges. One of the outstanding issues was that the son of a noble supporting the rebels' cause was currently trapped in their manor near the centre island that Bodrov's keep and noble quarter was on. The party mulled over some possible plans and decided that the rebels should mount an offensive on the northwestern bridge to distract the Lordsmen from where the party planned on entering the centre island.

Meanwhile, Empyrean left to make contact with the northernmost Sandstorm Legion chapter called the Snowstorms. After some discussion and debate, Empyrean convinced Primarch Ortstarva to assist in the Bodrov rebels' cause. Around noon, the Snowstorms arrived in Bodrov (crawling in the same way the party initially did). Once the Snowstorms had discussed possible means of assistance with the rebel leader, it was decided that the distraction would become a full offensive, with the Snowstorms serving as a vanguard.

With the plan finalized, the party went out under the cover of night via rowboat to the centre island. In the distance, they saw the offensive occurring in the distance, with a strange blue bubble slowly making its way across the bridge. After infiltrating the inner city, the party spent some time spent getting lost in Bodrov's streets and happened upon Lordsmen guarding a supply depot. Seeing an opportunity to strike against the Lordsmen and stop them from resupplying their light Scorpions with ammunition, the party disabled the Lordsmen in the depot and burnt the weapons inside (after looting most of what was valuable).

While this occurred, Hisao went on to scout out where the Baron's manor was, eventually finding the right one and stealthily entering one of the second-floor windows. Unbeknownst to Hisao, the rest of the party had finished burning the supplies and had wandered off to find where Hisao had gone. The party found the correct manor (but not after first breaking into another manor nearby) and decided to launch Ryze through one of the second story windows with one of the party's many shields. The effort was successful but left Ryze tumbling down a flight of stairs after entering the manor. During this tumble, Archibald and Empyrean burst through the front door, much to the surprise of the three Lordsmen guards inside, and much to the chagrin of Hisao upstairs. Hisao resolved to let the rest of the part distract the guards while he and his pet went into the basement where the Baron's son was likely to be hiding. Hisao spoke with the boy's bodyguard (named Gerald) and convinced him of the party's plan to extricate the lad from Bodrov via rowboat. Conceding that this was the best way out, they bodyguard and the boy followed Hisao back upstairs.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party engaged in battle upstairs. Ryze suffered many injuries, including minor lacerations from broken glass, contusions as a result of falling down a flight of stairs, severe bloodloss due to getting pinned to the wall by a longbow arrow, and 2nd-degree burns on his right hand and forearm due to a hand-laser misfire. Archibald and Empyrean suffered significantly less, easily dispatching and intimidating the Lordsmen, and eventually forcing one of them to swear fealty to the Sandstorm Legion instead of Lord Evanov.

Once the party regrouped, they made their escape from the center island just as the sun started rising. Avoiding many of the patrols which had come to investigate the smoke from the supply depot, they party embarked on the rowboat and made their way back to the rebels with little difficulty or resistance.

After rescuing the Baron's son, the party reconvened to discuss battle plans and next steps. It was discovered that the Snowstorms had done significantly better than what initially predicted. In fact, the castle in which Lord Evanov resided was left as a smoking crater in the ground. More worryingly, it was discovered that the Snowstorms had continued their assault into the eastern side of Bodrov where many civilians were trapped. Fearing for their safety, Empyrean and Hisao took off to ensure the Snowstorms didn't harm any civilians in the conflict. Archibald and Ryze stayed in rebel territory to get Ryze's wounds patched up by a field medic.

Empyrean and Hisao, while en route to the Snowstorms, discovered the remains of the castle: a smoking crater with evidence of a high-powered singularity bomb. The Lordsmen deathtoll was clearly in the hundreds. Hurrying to the Snowstorms, the two found what made this Legion chapter so effective: a portable bubble shield generator that filled itself with a raging blizzard. The Snowstorms were immune to the effects of the cold, and their enemies were left freezing and confused. Nearby it was discovered that they had accidentally destroyed a building full of civilians, though this was luckily the only example of civilian casualties so far. Hisao left to help dig out any survivors, while Empyrean went looking for Primarch Ortstarva. After a brief discussion about the Snowstorms' success, the Lordsmen quickly changed their strategy from meekly defending against an unstoppable enemy to hiding in the buildings on either side of the street and holding the city's citizens hostage, knowing that the Snowstorms would make an effort to minimize casualties.

Hisao rallied some nearby rebel soldiers and went into a nearby building to protect the civilians inside. Empyrean did the same with two Legion soldiers. Empyrean found four Lordsmen soldiers holding a father and his child hostage. After some intense intimidation, three of the four soldiers were cowed into surrendering, and their leader made a last ditch effort to kill Empyrean. While his bullrush was effective in knocking Empyrean through the building's door and out onto the street, the two tumbled down the building's stairs and Empyrean ended up crushing the Lordsman under his weight.

After Empyrean reentered the building and forced the three soldiers to swear fealty to the legion, the session ended in Media Res.

Tracking Down the Vortex
In which our heroes find a kidnapped daughter.

Dramatis Personae
Aleksander Khan, played by Jim
Hisao Ichiro, played by Lawren
Ryze McGuinness, played by Alvin

Three oddities: a pair of green welding goggles (sold for 3 credits), a necklace containing a mote of light, and a glass sphere that hangs in the air when dropped.

The party found out that Evanna was kidnapped by the cult of the Vortex. +1 XP
Ryze found out the history of the cult of the Vortex, including why they were targeting Lord Ebrum. +1 XP
The party discovered the Vortex. +2 XP

NPC Relationships
Lord Umquat Edbrum is relieved that someone compitent is out looking for his daughter. If she is alive, he's hopeful that he will see her again.
Evanna Edbrum was found in the depths of the temple of the Vortex.
The Cult of the Vortex had their plans for revenge against Lord Edbrum disrupted. They are displeased with this turn of events.

Highlights Recap

July 3517 C.E.

The party arrived in Ledon to pursue a job for the Lost Stars mercenary company.
They met with Lord Umquat Edbrum re: his missing daughter, Evanna Edbrum.
The party investigated the last known whereabouts of the girl. This included talking with acrobat performers from the city's coral festival, several guards, some merchants, some ragamuffin children, and an initiate of the Order of the Truth.
The party determined that Evanna had been abducted by the cult of the Vortex, yellow robe wearing cultists that worship a golden portal.

The party tracked the cultists westwards to the town of Haetrope, where more information about the cult's history was found, as well as where the cultists' current hiding place was.

The party headed north to the village of Jutte. After talking with some of the locals, it was found that the cult of the Vortex was driven out of Haetrope and Jutte by the Order of the Truth, backed by Lord Edbrum's militias. The party decided that this is likely the cult's motivation for kidnapping Evanna.

Outside of Jutte, the party found the ruined installation that the cult used as a temple, which was sealed underground. After some tinkering, the entrance was extricated from the ground, and the party entered the elevator going deeper into the installation. The elevator systems failed, causing the party to drop and suffer minor injuries. Following a path of candles deeper into the temple, the party found the dormitories of the cult and subdued/murdered three of the cultists there. Deeper still, the part finally found the eponymous Vortex, as well as the cult's leader and the girl the party had been sent to find. The party proceeded to engage in a drawn out skirmish involving a Molotov, a pistol, a hostile maintenance robot, and several kneecappings.

As the party dusted themselves off from the fight and ensured that Evanna was in one piece, the session ended In Media Res.


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