Primarch Empyrean

Jeremy's character.


A Primarch from the Sandstorm Legion, Primarch Empyrean was set at birth to become a member of the Sandstorm. Born from a Daughter of Mars and a Son of Anubis member, Empyrean was said to have “The Blood Thirst of a Martian, with the Honor of an Anubi.” Whether those statements held true is difficult to determine.

From birth he was brought up with three other Initiates from the Sandstorm Legion. They trained together till the ripe old age of ten, before being put into the Field of Warriors and given weapons to fight against each other with. Empyrean hated one of the initiates within the group and instantly charged him with the shoddy spear he was given. The spear ripped through the initiates body, possibly giving him gangrene in the process, but also killing him nigh instantly. While the battle of the last three continued, the battle lasted for a while. Empyrean eventually won, while suffering major wounds.

The Primarch at the time was impressed, and felt Empyrean worthy of going through “The Progression of Pain” A horrible machine designed by First Legionnaire Lanceilious who insisted that his soldiers be augmented with homegrown Organic Steel. Empyrean went through the entire week process, having his left arm, right hand, right leg, and the left side of his torso removed and replaced with parts of hardened organic steel.

The recovery period took a few months, and Empyrean was then a Blood Brother. He knew what it was like to feel pain, and solidified his honor to the Legion, vowing to himself that he wouldn’t let the citizens feel the pain that he did. His enemies however…well…they weren’t citizens.

Twenty seven years passed before the Primarch that Empyrean knew died. Empyrean was one of the candidates for becoming the newest Primarch of the Sons but had to go through the rigiorous process of getting the blessing from the Legionnaire. So, as he traveled with the other two candidates, they made sure that all of them stayed safe, and all of them never died on their journey.

The Journey to the Legionnaire took about a month. As the Candidates stood before Legionnaire Cassius, he reviewed their records, pulled out what appeared to be a symbol and tossed it to Empyrean. Empyrean knew what this meant, and walked with the group back to the sons, wearing the symbol of Primarch proudly.

eventually however…there were rumors of an odd and upcoming factions attacking the Sandstorm. And whoever it was, they knew very well where all the sandstorms were located. On a regular patrol out in the blazing sun, the Sons of Anubis were attacked. High powered crossbow bolts shattered armor like a hammer breaks glass, and none were left save for Empyrean. He never got a good sight of the attackers, all he could see was the Box his faction was protecting dragged over a dune of Sand.

And now here he is, with a bunch of crazy misfits. One person who can shoot laser beams from his gauntlet. A cookie slinging teen. A Man who worships Anime…and a dude who can set himself on fire.

Primarch Empyrean

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