Numenera: Warriors On A Red World

Taking a Talking Piece

In which our heroes relieve a noble of his pride and joy.

Dramatis Personae
Zax, played by Alvin
Tony, played by Jim
Kaz, played by Lawren

An unidentified cypher, unidentified flying drone, 120 shins (divided amongst the group)

The party successfully stole the data storage device from Lord Drywsone's manor. 2 XP
The party copied the data and read the maps it contained. 1 XP

NPC Relationships
Lord Drywsone doesn't know who stole from him, but there's no doubt that he'll be searching furiously for who did it.

Mama Ama is happy the job got done but isn't pleased that the outside hire ended up doing all the work AND alerting the estate's guards.

Highlights Recap

December 3517 C.E.

The session began with Alvin, Jim, and Lawren introducing themselves to each other, and Jim meeting the rest of the Alibaba Express' members: Thabit, the group's getaway driver and forgery artist, Hildeth, the group's muscle, and ???, Lawren's sister, who mostly just helps around the wagon with small tasks. The group then briefed themselves on the upcoming job; they were to steal a data storage device from the private study of Lord Drywsone , which was within his estate outside of Glavis, Ancuan. Rumour had it that his study was guarded by an Old World golem.

Alvin and Jim decided that they'd enter the estate dressed as servants. In the morning, the party entered the market to buy some servant-like clothes and have Thabit sew on the Lord's insignia (matching the other servants' clothes). At noon, as a handful of servants were returning to the estate with supplies, the Alvin and Jim entered with the group, suffering only mild questioning. Alvin, dressed as a gardener, went towards the orchard while he chatted with a couple other servants. He found out where the guard barracks were and then made his excuses, heading into the manor where he subsequently pretended to be a chimney sweep for several hours until nightfall. Jim went straight towards the manor where he inconspicuously made his way to the wing which probably had the target. He descended into the basement and decided to hide in a storage room for several hours to wait for the others.

Growing bored with staring at dusty furniture and glassware for hours on end, Jim left the storage room to investigate the only other door he'd seen in the basement. Finding it's lock beyond his ability to pick, he decided to simply remove the entire door, enter the room, then put the door back. After doing this, Jim found himself in a large foyer leading into several other rooms: an alchemy lab, an Old World scrap storage room, and hallway leading to three other rooms. Finding little except some alchemical equipment worth a few shins, he went to investigate the hallway. Immediately after stepping through an archway in the hallway, a small sphere shot out of a cabinet to intercept Jim. Having heard its activation, he quickly activated his portation module, applying it to one of his knives, and threw it in the drone's direction. The knife missed, hitting a cabinet which was teleported onto the roof of the manor, presumably alerting a guard that something was amiss. The sphere flew at Jim, who ducked out of the way and sprinted across the hallway to retrieve his dagger and strike at the sphere as it dove once more. He struck true and teleported the sphere into the basement foyer, and he then decided to expedite picking the lock on a nearby door by simply stabbing it. Luckily, the door was considered teleport-able by the portation module and landed in the basement foyer directly on top of the sphere. After dealing with finishing off the sphere, Jim explored the last three rooms: a bathroom, a small bedroom, and the Lord's private study. Seeing a  display case on one end of the room, Jim smashed it open and retrieved its contents: a snowglobe, a crystal figurine, and a small data storage device. Having found the target, Jim stabbed himself with his knife (still mounted with the portation module). He appeared in the manor's kitchen pantry and promptly left the manor. He then attempted to leave through the front gate, but when the guard present stopped him, he abandoned that plan and simply climbed the wall. Having escaped the estate, Jim checked in with the group staying in the wagon and then went to lay low in the city.

As night fell, Lawren made his way onto the estate and towards the manor from the western side. Avoiding patrolling guards, Lawren climbed an ivy-laden wall of the manor onto the roof where he searched for Alvin's chimney. After a failed first guess, Lawren found the correct chimney and descended into the manor, dirty but none the worse for wear. The two snuck into the basement and Lawren successfully picked the lock on the recently uninstalled and reinstalled door. Finding a curious situation with a door in the center of the basement foyer and the smashed display case. Regardless, the thoroughly searched the study, finding several instances of possible intel, a small piece of technology, and a ballpoint pen. With the estate guards now on high alert for suspicious activity, the pair carefully left the basement and manor, and instead of tempting fate with the front gate, chose to leave the same way Lawren had entered by climbing the western wall.

Alvin and Lawren met up with their wagon, and in the morning went to find Jim, who still had the target on him. After some pay negotiations and a quick copy of the data, the storage device was dropped off and payment was received. Later, a thorough investigation of the data revealed it to contain maps for a (possibly Old World) city somewhere in the Dome, surrounded by mountains. With some vague ideas as to where the city might be, the session ended.


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